On-Site Learning

On-site professional learning

We provide quality professional learning opportunities that are directly related to school needs. 

Workshops are hands-on, engaging, practical and relevant and are facilitated on-site. 

We can offer most advertised workshops within schools and tailor make these workshops to support the direct needs of individual schools.


When we provide on-site support, we follow this process:

On-Site Professional Learning Process
Building Professional Communities and Mastering Practice


Examples of workshops we have facilitated include:

  • Empowering Learners to Thrive through Human Literacy
  • Holistic Learning: Understanding students and transforming learning
  • Understanding and Transforming Behaviour In Action
  • The Power of Us: Building a Culture of Excellence
  • Coding essentials to enhance student learning
  • Bullying and dealing with conflict
  • The Mindfulness Curriculum
  • Inspiring Schools to Create a Dynamic eLearning & Digital Culture
  • From Me to We: A whole school approach to Synergised Communication Practices
  • BEAM: Beyond English & Mathematics
  • 21st Century Assessment
  • Differentiation and Deepening Learning
  • Differentiation using SOLO Taxonomy
  • Differentiating the Specialist Classroom
  • Differentiated Instruction & Effective Teaching
  • The Pedagogy of Cybersafety & Social Media
  • Motivated Teachers Engaged Learners
  • Holistic Teaching & Learning Success
  • Empowering Teams using TetraMapĀ®
  • Everyone is Special: From Understanding to Achievement
  • Teacher Feedback that Improves Student Learning
  • Inquiry Planning, Thinking and Learning
  • From eLearning Innovation to Transformation
  • Redefining Digital Learning & Pedagogy
  • iPadagogy: Enhancing learning & teaching through using iPads in the classroom
  • Blogging Essentials
  • Developing a Digitally Innovative School Community
  • Multimodal Assessment and Learning

If you're ready to take your School to the next level, or find out more about our Professional Learning Services, you may contact us on 0480 290 140 or complete a request form.

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our day. I loved it and thought it was the best P.L I have had in a long time. Whilst opening up the world of elearning incredibly you also allowed us to revisit our whole approach to teaching and learning and why we do it. I was so impressed. Great expectations and excitement lie before us. Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm.


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