Consultancy services are available for all Catholic, Government and Independent schools
(K-12 including Special Schools).

Our Consultancy services ensure your school successfully improves across all areas of need. Having an external specialist working with all key educational stakeholders allows greater opportunities for new insights, expertise, innovative solutions and awareness of possibilities that may not have even been considered when faced with challenges, future planning and meeting essential educational needs.


We work with all key stakeholders:

  • Principals consultancy
  • Leadership teams
  • Curriculum & Year Level teams
  • Teachers
  • Support Staff
  • Parents
  • Students

Associated Organisations, Businesses, Government, Tertiary Personnel & Departments Consultancy specialisation includes:

  • Culture Change
  • Leadership development
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Empowering Teams
  • Innovative Contemporary Pedagogies
  • Holistic Learning
  • Differentiation
  • Quality evidence based teaching (from Graduate to Expert class)
  • Student Engagement & Transition
  • Curriculum Development
  • Digital Technologies Provision & Deployment
  • Maximising digital devices and tools
  • Behaviour Transformation
  • Supporting diverse student needs
  • Assessment & Reporting
  • Improving communication, community connectedness & participation
  • Enhancing learning spaces

This occurs through:

  • Liaising and working face to face with key stakeholders
  • Strategic Planning
  • Modelling innovative approaches
  • Pedagogical models
  • Professional Coaching
  • Professional Development workshops and presentations
  • Resource provision

If you're ready to take your School to the next level, or find out more about our Professional Learning Services, you may contact us on 0480 290 140 or complete a request form.

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